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  Brief Bio. of Jeremy Myers

August of 2012 CBS News listed Jeremy Myers as Top 5 LA Photographers.

Jeremy Myers has been shooting photography since 1994, when it became his goal to become a professional photographer. At that time, Jeremy began shooting sports for small newspaper presses. Today, Jeremy freelances as a multi-faceted photographer, shooting a range from sports, portraits, model, events, weddings, nature, landscapes, and  wildlife/nature.                                 

What interests him the most is wildlife photography. This requires every skill a photographer needs to get the perfect picture. Good wildlife photography requires a combination of elements, including an advance knowledge of portraiture and capturing action. His interest in wildlife has brought him around to becoming more involved with portraiture, as they are very closely connected. Photographing a wild animal and turning it into a beautiful portrait has made him realize that there is no reason he shouldn't use his skills to photograph people. As there is a much larger interest in portrait photography, he has taken his wide knowledge of photography and applied it to this field. Jeremy has no limits with what he'll shoot for portraits. Upon model request, he will shoot indoors, although he does prefer natural, outdoor lighting.
Jeremy's history as a model photographer has proven he is great with helping beginners or even those never before considering becoming a model. Many of models he has worked with have quickly found paid work in modeling. Majority of models in his portfolio was the models first time experience in photo shoot.  
April 2nd 2008 front page photo "Matt Barkley"

He now as freelance photographer photographs sports and events for several medias. Also has provided fashion photography service to small fashion companies. 

Jeremy's services are available between the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. Also through most other parts of southern California. With advanced notice he sometimes travels to other states. If you are interested in purchasing any of his photography services hiring Jeremy as a freelance still photographer please contact him at;
714-465-0160 or email him at

Jeremy is in Orange County and freelances as a multi-faceted photographer, shooting a range from sports, portraits, and wild life.
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